Every issue of A Music Photography Magazine is the collective efforts of over 50 Music Photographers from all over the world. About 25 of the photographers are professionals - they do this for a living. The other 25 are carefully selected through a contest. The idea behind the magazine is to bring everyone together. For the pros, it is a way for them to share some of their favorite images and tell us the story behind them. For the contest winners - it’s our way of welcoming them to the music photography community and sharing their beautiful work with you. If you are an artist of any kind I am sure you can relate to the feeling you got the first time your work was printed. It is life changing. We are here to change lives, thanks for being a part of it.

If you are a music photogrpaher and you want a chance to be part of Issue #3 - just fill out your information here. If you aren’t a music photographer and want to support the cause - please consider picking up a copy, or two!